My contributions go to the development of AI systems in the field of Fake news/Disinformation …

Research Interests:

  • Machine Learning/Deep Learning: Classical Algorithms (e.g., SVM, RF) to Deep Neural Network to solve supervised and semi-supervised problems.

  • Applicative Contexts: Natural Language Processing, Behavioral and Social Signal Processing (Emotion, Personality traits) from Speech and Text; Social Media Text Analysis.

Short Bio: Currently working for QCRI, Qatar, as a Scientist. I received my PhD in Computer Science from the University of Trento, under the supervision of Prof. Giuseppe Riccardi, master’s from the same department, and undergrad from BRAC University.

Affliated member: IEEE, AAAI, ACM, ISCA, AAAC

My interview with Sage

Using Twitter and Applied Artificial Intelligence for Natural Disaster Relief “I think most important is finding the problem that is important to solve for the community”

I think most important is finding the problem that is important to solve for the community

AIDR Image Processing Pipeline

AIDR Image Processing Pipeline

A complete pipeline for crawling image to their classification.

PhD Thesis

The Design of Computational models for Analyzing Personality and Affective Behavioral Signals (particular focus on empathy) from speech and text

  • “Who expresses what emotional state when?”,

  • Conversation summarization with behavoiral descriptions in terms of emotion, topic and sentiment by utilizing NLP and Machine Learning techniques from spoken conversations and social media data.

Interesting Demos

Analysis and Summarisation of Spoken Conversations Analysis and Summarization of Social Media Conversations